Finals ahead

Hi friends!

This is officially my last month in Reims. When the weather starts to get (steadily) nice, sunny, and warm, and the town is finally more lively, I have to go back. But honestly, I feel a little happy about returning to the US. I have some really exciting plans for my last summer in school, so I am ready to tackle the next opportunities and challenges that await me. I am sure my summer will be as fun and full of accomplishments as this studying abroad experience was to me. My finals are already next week (needless to say – I won’t be doing anything with my life other than studying this rest of the week/weekend) and then, I will have about one more week in France before returning home on the end of May. I can’t deny the fact I miss Florida so much! I think what sums up my life right now is not really knowing what I feel… some days I wake up feeling yay! I’m going home. Others I think oh no… I am having such a great time in Europe and this is ending. But I think it’s good to leave while things are still fun. My life is all about mixed feelings right now…

But you know what? Enough of sad talk about me having to leave Europe. Let’s talk about my last adventures travelling around. So a couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to go visit a friend in Scotland and also took the opportunity of being in the UK to visit London as well. I couldn’t go back without visiting London, right?

London is amazing. We stayed near downtown London and it was exactly what I was hoping for. The city itself had so much life, people everywhere, and all restaurants and bars were busy. It was a lot of fun! I thought London had just the right amount of charm when it comes to having the classic/historical architecture, with a nice touch of modern vibes, such as the nice futurist buildings in downtown London, especially “The Shard”, which is the tallest building in the city, counting with 73 floors. I should have taken a picture of that… Anyway, I think London was hands down, the best city I have been so far in Europe.

As for Scotland, we went to Glasgow. It is a cute little place! It has a much small town kind of environment. It seems to be rather a college town. The University of Glasgow has about 25,000 students; there are young college students everywhere. It was nice for a change! We visited the University, which the campus is to die for… it looks like a castle. And finally, we went to the Scottish Highlands, including the Loch Ness! It was beautiful to watch, it is such a peaceful place. As for the accent, I thought I spoke English until I went to Glasgow. It was a struggle to understand half of what they were saying. So I smiled and nodded and hoped they weren’t asking a question. It worked most of the time.


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