Amsterdam, Dublin and still more to go…

          So the start of this weeks kicks off ESADE mid-semester break and for most of the exchange students including myself, this means our chance to pack our bags and travel to our hearts (and wallet’s) desire. I planned for this almost week and a half long break to travel to … Continue reading Amsterdam, Dublin and still more to go…


Edinburgh: Part 1

    I missed posting last week in preparation for my finals this week, sorry about that! Nevertheless, the first weekend of October I spent in Edinburgh, and have I got a monster of a post for you. This first part will be focusing on the charming city of Edinburgh, and the second part will … Continue reading Edinburgh: Part 1

Finding Structure and Staying in Awe

The study portion of my study abroad has finally commenced. My first week of classes has come and gone without much incident, and after so much time feeling like I'm on one long vacation, it's nice to get some structure and routine. The way class registration and how they start at the beginning of … Continue reading Finding Structure and Staying in Awe

Entering the Southern Hemisphere WE HAVE OFFICIALLY CROSSED THE EQUATOR!! I kind of expected there to be boats driving around blasting off fireworks or something a little more dramatic, but the fact that we even crossed it is thrilling enough for me. This is my first time in the Southern Hemisphere if you can’t tell. Semester at … Continue reading Entering the Southern Hemisphere

4 Days in a Remote Village Ghana was probably the most memorable four days of my life. Filled with tears, laughter, joy, I can’t even begin to describe all the emotions I experienced. We arrived in Tema, Ghana and hopped onto a bus headed towards a small village called Senase in the northern part of Ghana. I participated in a … Continue reading 4 Days in a Remote Village