Studying Myself Sick

As my first week flew by, it was wonderful, extravagant, and more than I could've imagined Spain to be for me. I met new friends, thoroughly enjoy my classes (although, I haven't experienced four hours of class a day since high school, so that's most definitely an adjustment), ventured around the city, went out at … Continue reading Studying Myself Sick


Lemons & Sailboats & Gelato, Oh My!

“All roads lead to Rome,” or so I was taught in a middle school history class. Well, if all roads lead to Rome, then the yellow brick road must lead to the gem of Sorrento, Italy. With more lemons than imaginable, boats constantly scattered across the Bay of Naples, and gelaterias only a few doors … Continue reading Lemons & Sailboats & Gelato, Oh My!

Marching Through Versailles This past weekend, I embarked upon one of those bucket list adventures that is sure to land on every tourist’s list of Parisian to-do’s: Versailles. The Palace is rich in history and sits outside the western limits of Paris as a glorious monument to the magnificence of its commissioner, Louis XIV. If you know … Continue reading Marching Through Versailles