pizza, tacos, and a spring break recap

The past week of spring break was amazing. I got to meet up with my family in Japan and we visited Tokyo and Kyoto while eating amazing food along the way. We had the BEST time!  Getting back into the swing of things in Singapore has not been as easy. This past week, I have … Continue reading pizza, tacos, and a spring break recap


Just do it for yourself

It's been just a few weeks into this program and I came to the realization that I am here to do what I've always wanted and do what I've never done before. I know it sounds selfish but hey its a once in a lifetime opportunity and why follow what other people want to do … Continue reading Just do it for yourself

You Win Some, You Lose Some Hello everyone!! I finally figured out how to insert photos onto wordpress, so my blogs will no longer be photo-less!! Very exciting breakthrough for a gal who is extremely technologically challenged. Anyway, it's March and that's crazy and this is the busiest I've been since I got here. Somehow, I'm already over halfway … Continue reading You Win Some, You Lose Some