Final Thoughts

I walked into my very last day of work proud, confident, and poised. The sun was actually shining that day, the way the sun shines in Florida. I could see the blue sky and clouds. I kept smiling but something felt off- and I could not put my finger on it. I realized as happy … Continue reading Final Thoughts



I never thought I would be excited about the business classes I would take in Utrecht. My three classes were just a necessary evil that would make my trip to Europe a worthwhile addition to my resume. They were only second to the great experiences I would have in Europe. However, the European system (or … Continue reading Hands-on

보령/Boryeong Mud Festival! One of scheduled activities at Hanyang International Summer was participation in Korea's famous Mud Festival in Boryeong. It's exactly what it sounds like, giants tubs and plastic pools, slides and obstacle courses all sharing one thing in common, mud. It was great. At first, one would think, "nah I'm afraid of getting … Continue reading Excursions and Encounters pt.II

Excursions and Encounters pt.II