Welcoming 2020 in Morocco

On my quest for new experiences, I decided to spend the holidays in Morocco, because I wanted something different than what I am used to. Of course I missed my family a lot, but I was willing to sacrifice that to gain more fun experiences and memories. I went with my friend to Morocco, and the first stop was the capital, Rabat. Rabat is a … Continue reading Welcoming 2020 in Morocco

The Legendary French Riviera

If I didn’t know where this picture was taken, my first guess would be the Caribbean. But it is not. This is Nice, on the French Riviera. I personally didn’t think the Mediterranean could have this clear blue water, because when I went to Barcelona the water was dark blue; I generalized this idea to the whole Mediterranean. Nice is such a beautiful, calm, and … Continue reading The Legendary French Riviera

Barcelona Weekend Getaway

This weekend’s trip was very unexpected for me because surprisingly, Barcelona turned out to be one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to! To be honest, I had a prejudice on the city because I have heard my Madrid friends saying people in Barcelona are mean and uneducated; I also watch the local news, and everyday they talk about protests and riots all over … Continue reading Barcelona Weekend Getaway

¡Hola, Madrid!

If you’ve recently seen a twenty-something year old, brunette, 5′ 6″ girl stumbling around Madrid, turning her head from side-to-side with wide eyes and mouth agape — that’s me. It’s been ten days since I’ve touched down in Madrid for the spring semester, and it still doesn’t feel like real life. I’m not sure when it will sink in that I live here now. There … Continue reading ¡Hola, Madrid!

Pre-Departure and First Week in Chile

The days leading up to my departure were rough; I had to say good-bye to everyone I know and love, my visa still was not approved, and I had not even thought about packing. This picture was taken on my last day in my hometown, Titusville — two of my best friends and I went out for ice cream and made peace with leaving each … Continue reading Pre-Departure and First Week in Chile

Reflection in an Egham Pizzeria

                I cannot remember the last time I purposefully invited and treated myself to good food. Although I eat regularly— and this past week, I have given my meals more thought than usual, as I have had to adjust my plant-based diet to fit the context of typical English cuisine—I often share meals with others. The dormitory that I reside in at Royal Holloway University … Continue reading Reflection in an Egham Pizzeria

Bianca Gonzalez – Melbourne, Australia

Name: Bianca Gonzalez (Photoblogger) Year in School: Sophomore Major: Advertising Program: University of Melbourne (CLAS Exchange) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? I have traveled abroad to many places! I go to the Bahamas often to dive and fish, I have been to Costa Rica, Spain, Italy and Greece to travel and get to know the culture, and I went to … Continue reading Bianca Gonzalez – Melbourne, Australia

Francheska Guerrero – Milan, Italy

Name: Francheska Guerrero (Blogger) Year in School: Sophomore Major: Marketing Program: Bocconi University (Warrington Exchange) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? I am actually from Costa Rica so technically I’m already abroad. I’ve also had the opportunity to visit the Bahamas with my family and Geneva, Switzerland for a Model United Nations conference. Have you studied abroad before? If so, where, … Continue reading Francheska Guerrero – Milan, Italy

Ying Ying Wen – Seoul, South Korea

Name: Ying Ying Wen (Photoblogger) Year in School: Junior Major: Marketing Program: Korea University Business School (Warrington Exchange) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? Yes! I have family that lives in Hong Kong and China, so I have traveled there to visit them before. Have you studied abroad before? If so, where, when, and for what? Nope, this will be my … Continue reading Ying Ying Wen – Seoul, South Korea