Caylynne Teem – Hong Kong

Caylynne Teem (Blogger) Year in school: Sophomore Major: Mechanical Engineering Minor: N/A Program: Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Building Construction (exchange) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why?  My mother’s side of the family lives in Vancouver, Canada, so most years we visit for Christmas break — meaning we sometimes go skiing or hiking but can most certainly be found in a … Continue reading Caylynne Teem – Hong Kong

Just One Week Left

As I sat on the plane heading home from Tokyo (yes I’m considering Hong Kong home), I began to realize something. I realized I’m heading into my last full week of the exchange. This realization brought me to feel a bit melancholy. I teared up thinking about the fact that this is the last week I’ll get to see some incredible people who I would … Continue reading Just One Week Left