Rebels Aren’t Extinct

Walking through a crowd of tents, posters, and chants all tied together with a sole passionate cause… I find something poetic in it. This weekend I decided to spontaneously visit London. With Paris being so central to Europe, most of my friends have been traveling each week and this time I finally decided to be brave enough to join them. We got on a flight … Continue reading Rebels Aren’t Extinct

Beautiful Paris

Went to Paris over the weekend, and it was one of my favorite places indeed! Throughout my life, I’ve always heard friends and family talking about how breathtaking Paris was, but never had that feeling until this weekend – it’s no wonder why Paris is such an iconic place! Walking a few meters towards the Seine River and then crossing it, my friend and I … Continue reading Beautiful Paris

The New Love of My Life: The Paris Metro

Humans traveling underground in a metal box under the city sounds like a slightly try-hard plot of a dystopian teen novel. But when you place it into the context of our world, the metro, subway, or tube as it’s called in the mystical land of London, is actually one of the world’s best technological advances to adapt to big population demands. The ingenuity behind such … Continue reading The New Love of My Life: The Paris Metro

A Cultural Adjustment

So “the unknown” that I was so ready to embrace turned out to just be a lot of cultural adjustment. Here are some of the things I learned so far: The French don’t believe in air-conditioning. They speak about 3 times quieter than the average American. French professors are incredibly cool. I actually have to study during study abroad. Rush hour is at 9 p.m.. … Continue reading A Cultural Adjustment

Departure: Week Zero

I’m going to France… PARIS, France. The place where the Eiffel Tower isn’t just cheesy wall decor and where good croissants exist outside of Costco.​ Je ne crois pas. Although I have been preparing for over six months now, I have never actually thought about what happens when I get there. I mean sure, I have to get my luggage, find my new apartment and … Continue reading Departure: Week Zero

Victoria Goncharova – Paris, France

Victoria Goncharova (Blogger) Year in school: Sophomore Major: Public Relations Minor: French Program: L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (exchange) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? I was born in Russia and have traveled to Europe several times for family visits, vacations, etc. Have you studied abroad before? If so, where, when, and for what?  No Where are you studying abroad this … Continue reading Victoria Goncharova – Paris, France

The dream is over. Back to Reality.

It’s been a week since I returned to the US. It took some time but I have finally accepted that I left. I still do the occasional check on tickets back to Paris, but its a healthy frequency now.  Although it is nice to have A/C again and ice cubes in my water, I still miss the Paris flair. I miss being able to walk … Continue reading The dream is over. Back to Reality.

My Favorite Spots in Paris that aren’t the Eiffel Tower

This is my last week here and I can say that although I have visited a lot of places here, I still feel like I need 4 more months to finish seeing everything. But based on what I have seen so far I decided to make a list of my personal favorite spots in Paris that aren’t the Eiffel Tower and tell you a little … Continue reading My Favorite Spots in Paris that aren’t the Eiffel Tower

What Paris Taught Me About Sitting

It’s been 2 weeks in Paris now and I have really enjoyed getting into a routine and feeling like Paris is my home. While I have learned a lot about French culture, something in particular that I have noticed is the great importance of sitting.  This may sound a bit weird, but hear me out. Although Parisians are always on the go and speed-walk in … Continue reading What Paris Taught Me About Sitting

Loire Valley: The Perfect Weekend Get-Away

In the U.S., when you exit a big city and reach the countryside you are usually welcomed by large grassy fields with cows and quaint farmhouses. In the french countryside, known as the Loire Valley, you are welcomed by the same grassy fields, but with a special twist: castles. Just a 2 hour drive from Paris is Château de Chambord. Before this trip, the only … Continue reading Loire Valley: The Perfect Weekend Get-Away