Being Gentle with Yourself

Or Haggis, Heightened Emotions and Homesickness                 It’s been a while since I’ve sat down with my thoughts. It’s funny; I feel like I say this every time I reflect on my time here through writing. I am sitting in Crosslands, our university’s pub/café. The weekly pub quizzes that my friends and I usually attend are about to begin; workers are setting up for it … Continue reading Being Gentle with Yourself

What I Know and Thought I Knew About Parisians

The waitress asked me a question as she led me to a table in the corner of a small café. She spoke to me in her silky French accent, and I stared at her blankly. I don’t know a lick of French. “Umm… English?” I was embarrassed but didn’t know what else to say. She rolled her eyes at me. “We are in France, so … Continue reading What I Know and Thought I Knew About Parisians

The Importance of Connecting with People in Every Stage of Life

About two and a half years ago, at the start of my [somewhat] independent life as a university student, I met a Dutch exchange student named Charlotte (or Lotte, for short). I was in the process of moving into an apartment off campus; I had just hulled all of my move-in boxes into my room, and was anxiously anticipating the arrival of my other four, … Continue reading The Importance of Connecting with People in Every Stage of Life

Toto, I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Madrid Anymore

We must be over the rainbow! This weekend was my first time venturing out of Madrid and my first time in Africa. I spent four days in Marrakech, Morocco. In my last blog post, I wrote about the similarities I could draw between Madrid and what I’ve seen of the United States. When I first arrived in Marrakech, I struggled to find even one commonality. … Continue reading Toto, I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Madrid Anymore

Rebels Aren’t Extinct

Walking through a crowd of tents, posters, and chants all tied together with a sole passionate cause… I find something poetic in it. This weekend I decided to spontaneously visit London. With Paris being so central to Europe, most of my friends have been traveling each week and this time I finally decided to be brave enough to join them. We got on a flight … Continue reading Rebels Aren’t Extinct

Fish, Grapes, and Monuments- Oh My!

One thing I particularly enjoy about Italy is that there is always something to do – and even better, there is a lot to do without always breaking the bank. This week, I had the chance to explore Viterbo some more and practice my Italian. The open-air markets are a fun way to explore, work on what I’ve been learning abroad over the last month, … Continue reading Fish, Grapes, and Monuments- Oh My!

Say the Magic Words

Living in another country can be challenging sometimes and slight cultural differences (such as the time of night that you eat dinner, the appropriate way to order a coffee, and learning how to use a metro) can have an impact on your day to day life. I’m thrilled to announce, however, that I’ve discovered the ultimate hack while living abroad – four simple words that … Continue reading Say the Magic Words

An Afternoon of Poetry Near Camden

When I was in high school, I used to read, write and perform poetry in my spare time. My middle school acting teacher, Ms. Ydabel, taught me to become comfortable with the stage far before I determined myself capable of, or even interested in, reciting poetry upon it. My 10th grade creative writing teacher, Mr. Sanchez, then challenged me to expand my beliefs about what … Continue reading An Afternoon of Poetry Near Camden

Welcoming 2020 in Morocco

On my quest for new experiences, I decided to spend the holidays in Morocco, because I wanted something different than what I am used to. Of course I missed my family a lot, but I was willing to sacrifice that to gain more fun experiences and memories. I went with my friend to Morocco, and the first stop was the capital, Rabat. Rabat is a … Continue reading Welcoming 2020 in Morocco

The Legendary French Riviera

If I didn’t know where this picture was taken, my first guess would be the Caribbean. But it is not. This is Nice, on the French Riviera. I personally didn’t think the Mediterranean could have this clear blue water, because when I went to Barcelona the water was dark blue; I generalized this idea to the whole Mediterranean. Nice is such a beautiful, calm, and … Continue reading The Legendary French Riviera