Ying Ying Wen – Seoul, South Korea

Name: Ying Ying Wen (Photoblogger) Year in School: Junior Major: Marketing Program: Korea University Business School (Warrington Exchange) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? Yes! I have family that lives in Hong Kong and China, so I have traveled there to visit them before. Have you studied abroad before? If so, where, when, and for what? Nope, this will be my … Continue reading Ying Ying Wen – Seoul, South Korea


Caylynne Teem – Hong Kong

Caylynne Teem (Blogger) Year in school: Sophomore Major: Mechanical Engineering Minor: N/A Program: Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Building Construction (exchange) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why?  My mother’s side of the family lives in Vancouver, Canada, so most years we visit for Christmas break — meaning we sometimes go skiing or hiking but can most certainly be found in a … Continue reading Caylynne Teem – Hong Kong

Seoul Stays with You Even After You’ve Left

I have finally returned to the US, recovered from jet lag, and gotten over the cold I caught on my 14 hour flight back. My sleep schedule is finally fixed: I no longer get tired in the afternoon just to wake up at 3:00 AM with full energy. I am settling back into my routine at home. There are so many things I miss about … Continue reading Seoul Stays with You Even After You’ve Left


Rajasthan: a state full of jaw-dropping Indo-Muslim architecture, camels, elephants, and dry heat. The thing that has shocked me the most about India is how diverse the country is. All the cities I’ve been to have all been so different. Different languages spoken in the North and the South, the food, and how the people look.  One thing that my friends and I discussed a … Continue reading Colorism

Saying Goodbye to South Korea

My study abroad program in Seoul finally comes to a close. After two days of preparing and studying for my final exams, we had our closing ceremony and I officially ‘graduated’ from EWHA. I received my diploma and had to say goodbye to my friends who I have grown so close to. I packed and checked out of the EWHA dorms and am now staying … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to South Korea

Experiencing the Taj Mahal

This was the day I’d been dreaming of since I found out I’d be going on this program. It’s the Taj Mahal!! Well known for being one of the seven wonders of the world, this place was more beautiful than the pictures in my old textbooks. The ivory color of the Taj Mahal made it almost blinding. It took a while for my eyes to … Continue reading Experiencing the Taj Mahal

The Studying in Study Abroad

I only have classes from Monday to Thursday; we get Fridays off for field trips or free time. However, my classes do run long. Although I only am taking two classes this summer, my classes are both two and a half hours long. I begin classes at 12:30, and end at around 6:15. Because I am attending a summer program, classes are much more rigorous … Continue reading The Studying in Study Abroad

Taking a Step Back from the City Streets of Seoul

Seoul is an incredibly exciting place, most especially because it is so convenient. It is so close to different areas and different activities. I am studying at EWHA Womans University, located around the Sinchon area, and everything is within walking distance. I am taking two classes: modern history of Korea and beginning Korean. My modern history class is a lecture-based class, and my Korean class … Continue reading Taking a Step Back from the City Streets of Seoul