Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone Our trip to Santo Domingo this past weekend was… strange. We stayed in the colonial zone, a part of the city that looks like it could be straight out of Spain, with plazas, colorful houses and stone streets, statues, and ruins. The rest of the city we only got to see as we drove … Continue reading Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone


The Dominican Republic: The Honeymoon Phase Supposedly, there are stages of cultural shock. Initially, there is a “honeymoon period” where everything is different but exciting, then the actual cultural shock, followed by a gradual adjustment period. I have been in the Dominican Republic for four days, and I’m pretty sure I’m still just honeymooning. I’m staying with my host mom, … Continue reading The Dominican Republic: The Honeymoon Phase

Katherine: Summer in the DR

Katherine McCall is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Summer 2018 in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  To learn more about Katherine's program, click here: UF in the Dominican Republic - Language, Culture, and Service Learning. What is your year and academic concentration? I am a freshman double majoring in Economics and History, with a minor … Continue reading Katherine: Summer in the DR