Columbus/Colón: Perspectives from the DR “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen-hundred-ninety-two”; this is a nursery rhyme that I presume most if not all folks in the U.S. learn as toddlers. I recall my own experiences in elementary school, when we would dress up as indigenous peoples- whom Columbus mistakenly named “Indians,” and for whom I knew no other … Continue reading Columbus/Colón: Perspectives from the DR


The Prison Next Door: Learning Through Service I attend a class for accelerated intermediate Spanish each day between Monday and Thursday from 3-5 PM, but that is not my only commitment while I am in Santiago de los Caballeros! “UF in the Dominican Republic” is a service-learning program, the goal of which is to achieve maximum immersion by volunteering to address … Continue reading The Prison Next Door: Learning Through Service

Billy: Summer in the DR

George Billy Hackett is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Summer 2018 in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  To learn more about George's program, click here: UF in the Dominican Republic - Language, Culture, and Service Learning. What is your year and academic concentration? Year: Rising Third Year, Class of 2020Majors: Political Science and International Studies … Continue reading Billy: Summer in the DR