Last Weekend Best Weekend

01/29/18   On Monday, we went to a reef on the west side of the island to snorkel. I did not go in the water because it was kind of chilly out. Instead, I stayed on shore and collected snails from tide pools. In the afternoon, we continued learning about mollusks then began our second … Continue reading Last Weekend Best Weekend


Food fixes everything

01/28/18 After goofing off all weekend, it was finally time to get back to work. We had lectures and labs on annelids all day. There are so many types of them and I got pretty decent at drawing the things if I do say so myself. After dinner, came the moment we had all been … Continue reading Food fixes everything

Gustav, the human encyclopedia

01/14/18 So we finally had a chance to enjoy the beach, and it's so gorgeous here!! We are on a day off today because it's the weekend. Despite the ugly weather (lots and lots of rain), we still have managed to keep busy. We have been snorkeling to collect specimen for the Porifera … Continue reading Gustav, the human encyclopedia

Jordan: Spring and Summer in Cuba, Mexico, and The Bahamas

Jordan Maun is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Spring and Summer 2018 in Cuba, Akumal, Mexico, and The Bahamas.  To learn more about Jordan's programs, click here: UF in Cuba - Tropical Marine & Island Ecology, UF in Akumal - Marine Ecology, UF in the Bahamas - Invertebrate Biodiversity on Coral Reefs. What is … Continue reading Jordan: Spring and Summer in Cuba, Mexico, and The Bahamas