I´ve already begun to miss right now

So much has happened over the last week and a half. we´ve gone to a couple of beaches one that had a waterfall, learned eight different merengue turns and are now begining to learn salsa. I´ve seen a volcano, expereinced my second earthquake. I´ve gone on a canopy tour, gone kareoking, gone to bars, spent … Continue reading I´ve already begun to miss right now


Dance lessons and more RAIN

Classes began today and I was so afraid I was going to have to walk to school in the rain. It rained nonstop all night long. It didnt stop until six am this morning. There are only five students in my Spanish conversation class. We went out for a small breakfast before class, and then … Continue reading Dance lessons and more RAIN

Rule #17, when a “Tico” whistles at you, just ignore him

The other students arrived friday night, and we finally got a chance to meet each other yesterday.     Each of our host parents walked us to school or showed us how to ride the bus, and then, in a manner reminiscent of  the  first day in kindergarten, all the "mommys and daddys"  became friends and started talking … Continue reading Rule #17, when a “Tico” whistles at you, just ignore him