Home at last

I have been home for a couple days now. Landing in MIA airport wasn't much different than the SJO airport because everyone was still speaking Spanish-myself included. All of us experienced reverse culture shock. "Hola" "Permiso" "Con mucho gusto" etc. were all used instead of English. It was funny how often I kept using Spanish. … Continue reading Home at last


Last few days

I figured I would talk about the actual medical service-learning program here, in addition to my final thoughts about this study abroad experience. Working with Dr. Molina was amazing. I was so impressed with my teacher (Sra. Jimenez) for linking up with a US Embassy doctor. First off, what a great contact to have. Second, … Continue reading Last few days

Week 3

UF crew minus 1! I can’t believe this program is halfway over! This week ended our work at Maria Auxiliadora. I worked in the Pharmacy, where I learned about some medicines that are commonly distributed. I mostly was filling prescriptions and organizing medicine. The most popular script was for diabetes medicine, but it was interesting … Continue reading Week 3

Week 2

The first thing that happened this week was my third roommate moved in. Mariah is from Iowa and I could not be happier with my roommates. She is vegan, environmentally conscious and we are very like-minded so we instantly got along. Ticos, or Costa Rican natives, have a tendency to be disorganized, late and even … Continue reading Week 2