Not-So-Foreign Country

Just as I’m absolutely accustomed to everything it’s time to go! Over the past four months I have memorized the route of the red line of the metro (subway) forwards and backwards. I have finally figured out the micro (city bus) system and am not afraid to use it. I have caught on to all … Continue reading Not-So-Foreign Country


Aftershocks Definitely felt the strongest seismic activity yet today during class! We were sitting in Spanish talking about something, I cannot even remember what, and I though my friend next to me was elbowing my seat, but then I looked up and everyone was doing the typical “freeze and look around the room so see … Continue reading Aftershocks

First Three Days in Chile

I got my school schedule: Monday: Spanish 9:35-12:35, Chile’s Native Cultures 2-3:30 Tuesday: Spanish 10:00-12:35, Dances of Latin America 6-8 Wednesday: Spanish 9:35-12:35, Chile’s Native Cultures 2-3:30 Thursday: Spanish 10:00-12:35 Friday: Spanish 9:35-12:35 Today we had classes orientations and test placement.  Then we moved into housing.  One other girl in the group, Kate from Kansas … Continue reading First Three Days in Chile