Obrigada, Porto Alegre

Somehow, the days have come and gone. The answer to "when are you returning to the US?" has turned into "next week" and the surreality of this fact is more than my mind can fully process. In this incredulous state, the only thing I can come up with is THANK YOU. A big thank you … Continue reading Obrigada, Porto Alegre


Brazilian Poetry, words and thoughts

Today is Tuesday, terça-feira. (alliteration sorta, hey!) Every Tuesday afternoon, my Brazilian Poetry class meets to count syllables, play word association games, and in some cases, write free-verse poetry on the spot - inspired by many great Brazilian writers. Every other week, we are assigned to paraphrase, write a parody, or an original poem inspired by … Continue reading Brazilian Poetry, words and thoughts

A week from today, I will eat a banana in Brazil.

The title says it all, really. On the 23rd I will depart for a Spring semester in Porto Alegre, Brazil to study language and culture. The anticipation has been a long process of working out many issues including: anxiety (mine and my parents), living arrangements, writing emails in Portuguese, Visa paperwork, excitement that keeps me up … Continue reading A week from today, I will eat a banana in Brazil.