The Honeymoon Phase is Over

I remember sitting in an auditorium with other study abroad students listening to the stages that we will go through once we arrive abroad: 1 Excitement 2 Disorientation 3 Loneliness 4 Homesickness 5 Acceptance I believe I am currently at stage three/four. I cannot help but wanting to be home now. I miss my loved … Continue reading The Honeymoon Phase is Over


Veronica: A Year in Florianopolis & Amman

Veronica Paz Gonzalez is a University of Florida student studying abroad during the Academic Year of 2018-19 in Florianopolis, Brazil and Amman, Jordan.  To learn more about Veronica's programs, click here: USAC - Florianopolis and CET - Amman (Intensive Arabic Language in Jordan). What is your year and academic concentration? International Relations focused in the Middle … Continue reading Veronica: A Year in Florianopolis & Amman