Serendipitous Events

Serendipity? No, not the expensive hot chocolate place we have all seen on Facebook yet never tried. Serendipity is an unplanned yet fortunate discovery. Call it signs, call it chance, or call it a miracle. Whatever it is, I believe most travels entail 90% of the unknown with hopes for fortunate discoveries. Agree or disagree … Continue reading Serendipitous Events


Top 5 First Impressions of Florianopolis

1. Brazilians are happy to meet foreigners To quote on of my new Brazilian friends, Fred, “Brazilians love immigrants.” I laughed, but he explained that practicing their English is one of the most exciting things for the people of Floripa. To give an example, on my very first day on campus, a university student was … Continue reading Top 5 First Impressions of Florianopolis

Veronica: A Year in Florianopolis & Amman

Veronica Paz Gonzalez is a University of Florida student studying abroad during the Academic Year of 2018-19 in Florianopolis, Brazil and Amman, Jordan.  To learn more about Veronica's programs, click here: USAC - Florianopolis and CET - Amman (Intensive Arabic Language in Jordan). What is your year and academic concentration? International Relations focused in the Middle … Continue reading Veronica: A Year in Florianopolis & Amman