Argentinian Culture in a Commercial


What a Weekend

If I had to choose one way to describe this weekend it would be full. And satisfyingly so. Talking about food again... sighh. haha Friday we had another one of our program farewell dinners and we went to an all you can eat "tendor libre" parrilla place in Puerto Madero which is a really fancy … Continue reading What a Weekend


Today has been good. Yesterday was good too. Everyone is telling me how well I'm speaking and conjugating my verbs. The bilingual girls in the program with Nina from my school asked if I was actually gringa because I spoke so well. 😀 However, there are still some other people (like the boy who works … Continue reading Bandoneon

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Did you know that in America Latina as well as cultures of Spain and Greece, it's not Friday the thirteenth that's unlucky -- it's Tuesday the thirteenth, "Martes Trece"? A popular saying with reference to this day is, "No te cases ni te embarques" which means, "Don't get marred or embark on a trip."