It's been one month since I last stepped foot on American (well North American) soil.  One month since I had a brownie, or BK whopper.  One month since I last felt WARM.  But I feel the need to tell you, that I dont think I had to have any of that.  I mean yes- I … Continue reading Adios


Las Salinas

NEVER HAVE I EVER seen so much of nothing. NEVER HAVE I EVER enjoyed doing nothing as much as the nothing that I did. NEVER HAVE I EVER wanted to let the silence shout its secrets at me. NEVER HAVE I EVER experienced anything like the slat flats. I guess you wouldn't understand the intensity … Continue reading Las Salinas

Iguazu Falls

HUGE!  No.  Enormous.  No.  Beautiful. No. Gorgeous.  No. Interesting. No.  Mind-Blowing. Closer. Life-Changing.  Closer. Majestic. Mystical. Awe-Inspiring. Ugh.  There are no words that can ACCURATELY describe the most amazing thing that I have thus far witnessed on this earth.  Perhaps facts can help me describe this natural phenomena known to the inhabitants of Argentina, specifically … Continue reading Iguazu Falls