Patos de Minas, Pensamientos, and Packing Up

Patos de Minas: I have never, not once, ever left a Brazilian’s house hungry. I’ve always managed to leave their homes waddling; filled to the brim with traditional cuisine, which usually (always) consists of that magical combination of rice and beans. I even remember as a child in the homes of Brazilian family friends that … Continue reading Patos de Minas, Pensamientos, and Packing Up


Bs As : Los ultimos dias

So I’m sitting down at the same exact table in the same exact café (drinking a café con leche) in which I wrote my first Argentine blog post. #fullcircle Today is pretty much my last full day in Argentina. I really cannot believe it. All at once it seems like AGES since orientation and the … Continue reading Bs As : Los ultimos dias

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Preparation

Leanna Scachetti is a 3rd year Telecommunications News major in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida with a minor in Spanish. While this is Leanna's first time studying abroad, she has traveled abroad extensively and visited England, France, the Netherlands, and Costa Rica. She decided to study abroad in Buenos … Continue reading Buenos Aires, Argentina: Preparation