Going home

I’m writing this post from somewhere in the air above Bolivia. I’m a few hours into my melancholy journey back to the United States now, and have had time to think about my entire trip to Argentina at this point. The ending of the program, with everyone was fairly somber, we knew that this day … Continue reading Going home


Trip on the River Tigre

We just got back from a trip to the city of Tigre, two hours north of Buenos Aires, though the time spent in the city itself was less than 10 minutes. Our program organized a scheduled voyage to the closest city to Buenos Aires, a simple day trip. However, while it was simple it was … Continue reading Trip on the River Tigre

Winding down

My remaining time in this wonderful country is winding down, only three weeks left, and I still have a large list of things to do. Recently I’ve been getting nostalgic for home, but quickly realized that my desire to be back stateside is because of the world series going on. After about five months in … Continue reading Winding down


I went to my first milonga the other day, and it was quite an adventure. A milonga is an event that takes place at any one of many theaters or other large buildings around Buenos Aires, where people gather to watch and dance tango until the wee hours of the morning. I went with two … Continue reading Milonga!

Argentine Heroes

Living in Argentina for any length of time, you quickly learn that there are a select few Argentine heros who are valued more than the one’s own spouse. Every other famous person is considered second class, regardless of any circumstance you could imagine. These heroes are featured in artwork, songs, and the hearts of Argentina—for … Continue reading Argentine Heroes