It’s a Small World

Rotterdam. It’s the second largest city in the Netherlands and has the largest port in all of Europe. Most of the city was destroyed in bombings during WWII, so it’s a very new city with a modern architectural style. Cool place, but not exactly the number one tourist destination in all of Europe. Which is … Continue reading It’s a Small World


Casual Wednesday

Hump day. Wednesday. Usually it’s a relief to get through Wednesday. It means your somewhat boring week is that much closer to the weekend. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as a boring Wednesday night in the Netherlands. There’s no excuse to be bored in a foreign country, especially when public transportation is so great. My … Continue reading Casual Wednesday


“Boo!” Amber and I look back, laugh, and continue our run. 100 meters later, I yell back “Boo!” to the German man. Not exactly the most ordinary interaction I’ve ever had. But then again, there isn’t much ordinary about this summer. When will I ever be able to hop on a train with my best … Continue reading Boo!

(study) ABROAD

As I sit in a park in Utrecht tanning by a canal writing this blog, I can’t help but smile at how incredible my life right now. I’ve been in Utrecht for a week now, but with everything that has happened I find it impossible that I’ve only spent 7 nights here. From the Tour … Continue reading (study) ABROAD