Two Worlds United

I am back home to Florida after my six week program in The Netherlands. It feels that my jet leg is finally recovered, 3 days later. It has taken longer than any other time, I am not sure if it was that or just a shock to be back home, away from, well my second … Continue reading Two Worlds United


Last Week Approaching

Today we just returned from Biella, Italy. The bus ride was 17 hours too much, really uncomfortable even though there were some nice views. I seem very tired event though all I did was basically sleep on that bus, but it could be exhaustion from the whole week. There are some views from the bus … Continue reading Last Week Approaching

Settled In

Finally situated in Utrecht and adjusted to a new place.  Today was the official opening ceremony of the Utrecht University. Yesterday was the Netherlands vs. Uruguay game. My luck Netherlands won 3-2! That was a first fun night, I am anxiously waiting to see what Sunday will bring. Weather here has been warm, no rain, … Continue reading Settled In