The Aftermath

The biggest challenge of coming home was to find a good response to the question "How was Europe" or "How was your trip" or similar variations. How can I sum up 2 1/2 months in just a sentence? "It was great" falls flat and "I had the best time ever" sounds too cliche. It was … Continue reading The Aftermath



I never thought I would be excited about the business classes I would take in Utrecht. My three classes were just a necessary evil that would make my trip to Europe a worthwhile addition to my resume. They were only second to the great experiences I would have in Europe. However, the European system (or … Continue reading Hands-on

Tirza in Utrecht: Adventures Pending…

Utrecht, Netherlands seems like this far away land full of adventure and good times. In my imagination it is always sunny, clean, and fresh with quaint, antique buildings and cute little cafes and restaurants. The streets are full of friendly people riding bikes and greeting each other with "Hallo" or "Goedemorgen!" It'll be interesting to see … Continue reading Tirza in Utrecht: Adventures Pending…