Utrecht: Settled In

It is interesting how the exotic can become mundane in just a few days. Once I was walking the streets like a tourist, gawking at every building and almost getting run over by bikes while accidentally standing in the bike lane. I've settled in now and Utrecht truly has become my temporary home. I rather … Continue reading Utrecht: Settled In


Netherlands: Expectations Versus Reality

Hallo everyone! I have been in the Netherlands for a little over a week now and I am absolutely loving it! However, some things are a little different than I anticipated. I've compiled a list of a few expectations I had about this beautiful country and whether or not they turned out to be true: … Continue reading Netherlands: Expectations Versus Reality

Tirza in Utrecht: Adventures Pending…

Utrecht, Netherlands seems like this far away land full of adventure and good times. In my imagination it is always sunny, clean, and fresh with quaint, antique buildings and cute little cafes and restaurants. The streets are full of friendly people riding bikes and greeting each other with "Hallo" or "Goedemorgen!" It'll be interesting to see … Continue reading Tirza in Utrecht: Adventures Pending…

Traveling, Traveling, Traveling (And a Little Bit of School)

Unfortunately, things have been hectic lately. So even though there’s so much to talk about, I don’t think I’ll be able to talk about it all – I’ll hit the highlights but won’t be able to go into much detail. I may have mentioned this before, but Maastricht University splits up their semester into two … Continue reading Traveling, Traveling, Traveling (And a Little Bit of School)