The Way of Saint James

On Thursday night, I was Skyping my sister Kat and she told me about a pilgrimage route that begins in France and stretches the North of Spain called El Camino de Santiago or The Way of St. James. People have taken this spiritual journey for over a thousand years. She heard of this because she … Continue reading The Way of Saint James


You Can Sing This Song When I’m Gone

A few of the songs I listen to in order to feel inspired, depressed, content, lonely, alive, or young (which are all necessary emotions when you are an awfully long way from home). Vagabond- Wolfmother “I'll tell you everything about living free” Closer to Fine–Indigo Girls “I sailed my ship of safety till I sank … Continue reading You Can Sing This Song When I’m Gone


I went to a flamenco guitarist Pepe Habichuela’s concert on Friday, May 27th. It was incredible. I am so happy I went. Our professors told us about it and offered extra credit to those of us who went, but only two of us went. I promise I didn’t go just for the extra credit! I … Continue reading Volare


I have officially finished by first week of “studying”abroad. What an exciting week. Our host family is very nice. They host students regularly, so they are not terribly engaging, but very hospitable and are happy to talk with us. My roommate Gabi and I talk almost exclusively in Spanish and I am very proud of … Continue reading Santander