Sevilla Linda

It's so much easier to enjoy the beautiful Sevilla on the other side of classes and exams.  As of yesterday I took my last test ever in my life.  I'm done with school forever! On the way home from class yesterday, all of my papers fell out of my notebook and onto the cobblestone street … Continue reading Sevilla Linda


Advice for the Future

Today I made a horrible mistake. I thought it was just venting.  I thought it was innocent, that I was just letting some steam off my chest. I wrote in my blog, my other one.  I said some hurtful things that no one associated was supposed to see.  And I'm not sure if they did, … Continue reading Advice for the Future


Today I went to mass at the cathedral by myself.  It was so soothing, so relaxing, so nice to be alone with my thoughts in the presence of God. What I like about Europe so much is the history speaks for itself.  The awe-inspiring cathedrals show how important the powerful the church was in earlier … Continue reading Thankful


I swear that I am going to leave Spain completely convinced that my name is "guapa."  At home, I'm always offended when men on the street say things to me.  I'm always like, "How disrespectful!" or "Don't they know that I have a brain?!"  Ha, not here.  It actually puts a smile on my face. … Continue reading Mejorando


Loving being in España while simultaneously antsy to get home; I'll call it dual-ality.  How can this state of mind even exist?  Well it does, and it's the prevalent emotion in my life for the time being. I have come to realize that I appreciate Sevilla so much more when exploring the city on my … Continue reading Dual-ality


Being a senior is weird.  It's like anticipating adulthood without having the resources and capabilities to really do so.  This is why I I've never understood people's desire to graduate early.  We get the first three years of college to enjoy being a kid for the last time.  The fourth year is about mentally preparing … Continue reading Whirlwinds