So Traditional

You know that famous family recipe your grandma uses to make cookies? Or the peculiar way your relatives shove 12 grapes into their mouths to celebrate the New Year? What if you shared a tradition like this with an entire city? And it originated hundreds of years ago. That’s Las Fallas. Fireworks, crackers, and poppers … Continue reading So Traditional


Sharing is Caring

For the last couple of weeks, we've housed several visitors. And I feel like we've gotten to rediscover Madrid all over again. Our roommate from UF came, a friend who just finished touring Asia, and my sister's best friend from home. Showing our friends around Madrid obliged us to evaluate what our favorite places in … Continue reading Sharing is Caring

Family Abroad

Grandmothers are often the unexplainable force that brings families together, the glue that keeps them united. This is definitely the case in my family. My grandmother hasn't left Colombia in years, weighed down by grief over her late husband. Recently she decided she was ready to leave and wanted to visit her grandchildren studying in … Continue reading Family Abroad

Starting the Semester With a Side of Flamenco

Today was the first day of classes. I’m most excited (and nervous) for Data Structures and Algorithms, which I’m taking in Spanish. Although I am a native Spanish speaker, I’ve never taken a university-level class taught in the language, so I’m definitely in for a challenge. Today in class it took me a moment to … Continue reading Starting the Semester With a Side of Flamenco

Gabriela: Spring in Madrid

Gabriela Buraglia is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Spring 2018 in Madrid, Spain.  To learn more about Gabriela's program, click here: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Engineering). What is your year and academic concentration? I’m a fourth year Industrial and Systems Engineering student, minoring in Computer Science. Have you traveled abroad before? If … Continue reading Gabriela: Spring in Madrid