Something Different

Studying abroad is about learning to thrive outside of your comfort zone. You meet countless people that speak different languages, dance in different ways, and eat different dishes. Toward the end of the semester, we decided to take a trip like none we’d gone on before. Morocco had an innate allure to it, a progressive … Continue reading Something Different


Goodbye Ramadan, Hola Sevilla

Marhaban! These past couple of weeks have been interesting, to say the least. The temperature in Fes continues to rise and we are all melting. Today, it was 100 degrees. To my people in Miami, this doesn’t sound that extreme as we have experienced this before, but here’s the thing: One, there is no humidity, … Continue reading Goodbye Ramadan, Hola Sevilla

Family Abroad

Grandmothers are often the unexplainable force that brings families together, the glue that keeps them united. This is definitely the case in my family. My grandmother hasn't left Colombia in years, weighed down by grief over her late husband. Recently she decided she was ready to leave and wanted to visit her grandchildren studying in … Continue reading Family Abroad