Me, Myself & I

Hello friends! As my study abroad comes to a close, I have reflected a lot and I would love to share with you all.  Right before I left for Spain, I went through a major and shocking change. Many people would say it came at the right time because I could go to Spain and … Continue reading Me, Myself & I



Two weekends ago, starting on Wednesday June 21st, Alicante hosted its gigantic weeklong festival that’s been celebrated since 1822. Les Fogueres de San Joan (Fires of Saint John the Baptist) are prepared all over the city weeks before. It’s pretty much where people build these large structures of art (el arte efímero o el carton … Continue reading FOGUERAS

First Impressions Have Always Been Important!

Five days ago I arrived in Alicante where I will be for the next four weeks of this study abroad! I would just like to list a couple of great things: -I am living with a wonderful host family: a sassy older woman that reminds me of my own grandmother, and her daughter. -I … Continue reading First Impressions Have Always Been Important!