The Writings on the Wall

Signing on, again. Hello, from Florida! The weather's hot and humid, but it's nothing I can't handle. It's been three weeks since I've come home from my trip to Russia, and since then I have settled into the usual working regime. Sometimes the nostalgia hits harder than usual and all I want to do is … Continue reading The Writings on the Wall


Here Comes Goodbye, but Not for Too Long

Hello, friends! The last couple weeks have been eventful and equally precious. We have been growing closer to students from USF, and together we have been going on many adventures. In class, I, along with the other heritage speakers have learned to stick together. Though there are few of us, I wouldn't want it … Continue reading Here Comes Goodbye, but Not for Too Long

A Beautiful City with My Second Family

So, my plane arrived late, and I didn't sleep much on the flight over. I was tired, and in desperate need of a pillow to lie my head on; however, from the moment I step foot on Moscow soil, I knew I couldn't close my eyes just yet. MSU The university I'm staying at … Continue reading A Beautiful City with My Second Family

The countdown to adventure begins… Three days and I'll be on an international flight to Moscow. It'll be my first time flying across the Atlantic, and my first time abroad. Six months ago, the idea of being in another country was fascinating, and I did everything I had to do to be prepared for this journey: I got my … Continue reading The countdown to adventure begins…