There and Back Again

It’s taken me a long time to get around to this final blog. And the truth is, it was difficult to write. How can I sum up the experience of a lifetime in just a few paragraphs? How is it possible to describe everything that happened and convey how I feel about it? The short … Continue reading There and Back Again


The Eternal City

After a few agonizing hours of packing and making sure I could fit everything I would need for the next six weeks into two bags and a backpack, I set out for the airport. Final destination: Rome, Italy. I was super excited to be studying abroad in this wonderful city where the ancient and the … Continue reading The Eternal City

A Summer in Rome!

I can still hardly believe it. I’m going to Rome. Is this really real? I’ve been reading all the information about my study abroad program, and I almost feel like I’m there already. I can just picture myself walking the streets of Rome, walking past the ruins of the once-most-powerful city, and visiting gorgeous churches. … Continue reading A Summer in Rome!