Tears, Sore Hip Flexors, and Drake

I had a great eleven -week streak without any emotional breakdowns, or curling up in bed after a night out watching the Marvin’s Room video on repeat. Well, that streak has been broken. I think it was well due, because I have been not necessarily lying to myself that the content of my studies are … Continue reading Tears, Sore Hip Flexors, and Drake


On My Mind and Opening My Eyes

“Another shooting occurred……” titled every American news station television headline this past Valentine’s Day as the Parkland shooting took its wrap Another. That word should not be as commonly used in our nation in regards to an event like this. Orlando, Sandy Hook, Texas, Virginia Tech, Umpqua…. And now Parkland. Different names. Same gun. I … Continue reading On My Mind and Opening My Eyes

Jennifer: Spring in Florence

Jennifer Klammer is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Spring 2018 in Florence, Italy.  To learn more about Jennifer's program, click here: Accademia Europea di Firenze. What is your year and academic concentration? Junior BFA Dance Major with a minor in Education. Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and for what purpose? … Continue reading Jennifer: Spring in Florence