Reflection of Summer A in Florence, Italy

The end of my study abroad session was strange: I didn’t feel like I was really leaving, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave or if I was ready to go, and I started to feel like I was unsure about my place in the world. My final weekend in Europe crept up on … Continue reading Reflection of Summer A in Florence, Italy


The rest of Rome

In addition to Vatican City and The Roman Forum, we were guided through Rome’s most famous landmarks. The Colosseum Spell it Colosseum. Spell it Coliseum. Call it Colossal after it’s ancient name. Call it whatever you want, so long as you can appreciate its greatness. There’s a reason it’s on every living being’s bucket list, … Continue reading The rest of Rome

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum deserves its own photographic blog post. The Roman Forum comprises the real, original ruins from the Roman Empire. Arches, columns, stones, tombs, capitol buildings where Caesar and other emperors ruled and died. Pillars, rock piles of ancient marble, and intimidatingly large structures that are still intact, still standing, and still extraordinary thousands … Continue reading The Roman Forum


The little things and the big things are both important, but often, it’s the little things that get us through the day. The simple things. Simple things allow us to find veiled beauty among the ordinary and simple things are intricacies that make our experiences unique in our memory. The views. The scenery. The landscapes. … Continue reading Simplicity

Cinque Terre

Florence is overwhelming, unexpectedly. There are cultural sights on every corner and endless museums scattered among the infinite sprawl of Italian architecture. It is a European New York City. There are more cultures than there are locals, it seems: Japanese, American, Egyptian, Korean… it is a melting pot of exploration. The tourist industry is expansive … Continue reading Cinque Terre

Finding Firenze – The beginning of Florence, Italy (Pre-Week)

Christina Faliero is third year student at the University of Florida with a double-major in International Studies with a concentration in Europe and Political Science. She also has a minor in Geography and is working on a certificate in International Relations. This study abroad program is Christina's first time traveling outside of the United States. … Continue reading Finding Firenze – The beginning of Florence, Italy (Pre-Week)