Vatican City

This past weekend was our last excursion to Roma, Italia! Rome has always been one of the cities on my list of places I’d love to see, so to say I was excited is an extreme understatement. With only a travel time of 3.5 hours, we arrived in the old, Roman stomping grounds.  Rome is … Continue reading Vatican City


Simple things carry you through the day. Simple things allow you to find beauty among the populace and simple things are those intricacies that make your experiences unique from generalized memories.   The views. The scenery. The landscapes. The visual aesthetics. Anything you can see captures your heart for a few moments and forces you … Continue reading Simplicity

Cinque Terre

Florence is overwhelming, unexpectedly. There are cultural sights on every corner, museums hidden behind the infinite amount of buildings that all look identical, and the construction of the city is authentic Italian. However, Florence is a European New York City. There are more Asians than anyone else and more Americans than Italians. The tourist industry … Continue reading Cinque Terre

Finding Firenze – The beginning of Florence, Italy (Pre-Week)

Christina Faliero is third year student at the University of Florida with a double-major in International Studies with a concentration in Europe and Political Science. She also has a minor in Geography and is working on a certificate in International Relations. This study abroad program is Christina's first time traveling outside of the United States. … Continue reading Finding Firenze – The beginning of Florence, Italy (Pre-Week)