A week and a half later

I have finally returned to the U.S and I am already missing the life I had over there. It might have been for 6 weeks but I fell in love. Despite all that I am glad to be home and see my friends, family and pets. As soon as i got to the states I … Continue reading A week and a half later


Irish goodbye

Friday was the last day for my program, it was a sad parting for all of us. We had gotten to know one another so well because we were only not together when we were sleeping essentially. I feel that I have made some lasting friendships and everyone is talking about returning next year, as … Continue reading Irish goodbye

Great Craic!

The title of this post means ‘Great Fun’. It is already week 3 and I find myself using Irish terminology and using some similar pronunciation. The accent although is easy enough to seemingly pick up because I never realized how similar it is to some of the pronunciation of certain words in Bahamian English. In … Continue reading Great Craic!