Zara zu Hause

(Zara at home) Back home in south Florida, I can not help but think about my home for the last six months in Osnabrück. The semester there was really the most perfect time through new experiences, challenges, and making it home. DEUTSCH, DEUTSCH, DEUTSCH Working almost full time in German certainly had its ups and downs. In the beginning, I … Continue reading Zara zu Hause


Deutschland mit Dad und Mom

After 5 months of skyping and sending postcards, I finally saw my parents! Even though I’ll be home in just three weeks, it was really wonderful to spend the week with them in my new home. My boss suggested to visit this mountain for a great view of the city. I had not had a … Continue reading Deutschland mit Dad und Mom

Go Global Gators!

For the past three weeks, I fell like I Gator chomped through western Europe. Four students from UF are in Osnabrück participating in the summer engineering program. We went to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Berlin with them for the past three weekends, so it has been a whirlwind of visiting new cities and making new friends. Amsterdam Amsterdam was a very unique city with quiet … Continue reading Go Global Gators!

Enjoying Europe

April flew by! Well, more like rolled by since much train travel was involved. The first stop was in Strasbourg, France.  I met a friend from Mannheim, who now studies there, and my UF freshman year roommate. I remember sitting in Graham freshman year talking about studying in France, in her Francophile case, and Germany, in my chocolate-loving case, … Continue reading Enjoying Europe

Lessons in History and New Life

This weekend, I was in Poland participating in the Auschwitz Jewish Center Program for Students Abroad with 14 other American students. It was an incredibly emotional and educational program with many tours, visits, and discussions focused on Jewish and Polish life before, during, and after the Holocaust. We first visited the Jewish section of the … Continue reading Lessons in History and New Life