Art, Blood, Beer & a Field of Roses

We kicked off the week with a night at the opera, specifically the Nationaltheater Opernhaus in Goetheplatz, Mannheim. The opera was "Otello." It felt good to be in a theatre again, even if we were a bunch of Americans watching a Shakespearean play, converted into an opera, performed in Italian, with German subtitles. Uhh... It … Continue reading Art, Blood, Beer & a Field of Roses


„Frühstück,“ for ‘breakfast’

Sabrina, Jason and I began our Sunday morning with a delicious breakfast Mone prepared for us. Unlike in the U.S., the grocery stores here are all closed on Sundays, so preparation is necessary. After Frühstück (oder, 'breakfast'), we took a tram to the Schloss to meet up with other classmates and see the museum, it was … Continue reading „Frühstück,“ for ‘breakfast’

Guten Morgen, Mannheim!

Rachel Jones is a recent graduate with a degree in Journalism from the University of Florida with concentrations in Theater and Photography. Last summer, Rachel studied photojournalism abroad in Berlin and also spent the remaining time backpacking around Europe. Additionally, she has traveled to Nicaragua, Colombia and Costa Rica with UF's Outdoor Adventure  Recreation Club. … Continue reading Guten Morgen, Mannheim!