I Have Arrived in Deutschland!

We made it to Frankfurt, Germany last Tuesday. Our mini expedition began with a 4-hour car ride to Munich, or München. Thank goodness our car had GPS! Driving in Germany is very different from Iceland, plus there are other drivers that you have to share the road with here. In Munich, we stopped at the … Continue reading I Have Arrived in Deutschland!


A pit stop

I decided to begin my trip abroad a few days early so that I could have some time for site seeing before my rotation starts. After all, it isn’t very often that you get the opportunity to travel abroad. My lovely aunt actually came along to keep me company! https://www.instagram.com/p/BxHXyySnr-3UbgX4ih97RcfHGOkXh2QWyZ-WX40/ Our first stop was in … Continue reading A pit stop

Rachel Perry: Summer in Eltville, Germany

Year: 4th yearMajor/Minor: Pharmacy Program: Advanced Pharmacy Practical Experience - EltvilleHave you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why?I have traveled as part of a band tour through Europe after my freshman year in undergrad visiting France, England, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. I have also been to the Dominican Republic twice for global health … Continue reading Rachel Perry: Summer in Eltville, Germany