Volkswagen CEOs and Currywursts

If you ever watched the old “How It’s Made” episodes on television and enjoyed watching the ever-so-satisfying assembly lines and machines put things together so precisely, then the  Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg would probably be your paradise. Never have I seen such a large, modern, and complex factory. The Volkswagen production plant can be most … Continue reading Volkswagen CEOs and Currywursts


Let’s Talk Trash

It is no secret that, no matter how many people try to deny it, climate change is one of the biggest issues facing our planet today. The reality is that the Earth’s population is growing and depleting resources at a rate greater than that which the planet can support. It is time that every country, … Continue reading Let’s Talk Trash

Ich Spreche Ein Bisschen Deutsch – Maiwoche and More

It’s odd how quickly time passes when traveling. It seems as though I just flew in yesterday, but it has already almost been an entire week. The first week of our study abroad program has been relatively light when it comes to coursework. Much like “syllabus-week” in a typical college semester, the first week of … Continue reading Ich Spreche Ein Bisschen Deutsch – Maiwoche and More

Katie: Summer in Osnabrück

Kaitlyn O'Malley is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Summer 2018 in Osnabrück, Germany.  To learn more about Kaitlyn's program, click here: UF in Osnabrück - Sustainability and Innovation in Engineering and Planning. What is your year and academic concentration? I just finished my first year at the University of Florida, and am currently … Continue reading Katie: Summer in Osnabrück