So, it’s another time…

In a past post, I mentioned the five stages that we all go through as we adjust and interpret our new environment. I said it was a story for another time, and that time has finally come! Stage One: Excitement This stage is probably the most dangerous of them all. It occurs while you’re … Continue reading So, it’s another time…


Good one, Europe! Europe is funny. Europe is funny in the way we act, in the way we interpret everything, and the way it teaches us. Let’s dive into that humor, shall we? Here in America, we identify as our states because someone from New York is so different from someone in Georgia with everything from accents … Continue reading Good one, Europe!

It’s Official: Germany Has The Best Food

Since I’m a writer for Spoon University, I am a sucker for anything creamy, sugary, buttery, and calorie-rich. Food is photogenic to the hilt and the photographers dream is a succulent meal that is both tasty and rich in color. German food is the perfect contender: wiener schnitzel, dark chocolate, Berliner Pilsner, salted pretzels—it’s a … Continue reading It’s Official: Germany Has The Best Food

Is There A Limit To Ancient Roman Obsession?

Mackenzie Patel Short answer: no. I visited Rome for the third time this week (before my photojournalism program in Berlin), and it was a smorgasbord of concrete ruins, pizza, and vino rosso. I keep returning to this city because its main attraction—the history associated with the Ancients—is too compelling to “check off the bucket list” … Continue reading Is There A Limit To Ancient Roman Obsession?