My Last Thoughts

Hi friends! I’m finally home – here in south Florida. It feels amazing to be back. It’s actually a funny feeling. I feel as if I had never left in the first place… Everything (luckily for me) remains in the same old ways that I’m used to. Now, reflecting on this past semester, what I … Continue reading My Last Thoughts


Last Week in France

Hello everyone! This is already my last week in France before heading back to America. I’m actually really excited to be going back home. I miss Florida so much…my friends and family, the beach, the sunshine, and just my life/routine in general. Now seeing things in hindsight, I take back what I said in the … Continue reading Last Week in France

Finals ahead

Hi friends! This is officially my last month in Reims. When the weather starts to get (steadily) nice, sunny, and warm, and the town is finally more lively, I have to go back. But honestly, I feel a little happy about returning to the US. I have some really exciting plans for my last summer … Continue reading Finals ahead

Waters of March

Hello my lovely readers. Remember how I said Spring had officially started in Reims? I take that back. It has been raining every single day again. I am so ready for some steady sunlight. It’s kind of funny to look back and remember how excited I was for cold/cloudy/rainy weather. Having lived in Brazil and … Continue reading Waters of March

Let the Festivities Begin – Scandinavian Spring Break!

Hello everyone! This week at Sciences Po was tough. That's why it took me a while to write this week. There are so many things happening at the same time. I am talking about presentations, quizzes, more presentations, and heavy reading load. I honestly don’t do much throughout my week other than that, so nothing … Continue reading Let the Festivities Begin – Scandinavian Spring Break!