Student’s Bliss: No School! No Homework! No Quizzes!

In my observation, the French have a pretty good balance on work and daily life. Their concept of time has a lot more structure than we do in the United States. We tend to work through lunch, take work home with the bacon and let's be honest we sometimes work through our much anticipated weekend … Continue reading Student’s Bliss: No School! No Homework! No Quizzes!


Bustling Through Belgium

Sometimes the decisions made on a whim happen to be the best one. To ring in the month of October, I made my first trip out of Toulouse since arriving. My destination was the city Brussels, the capital Belgium. I departed Toulouse on Saturday afternoon, after a busy morning of cleaning my studio and last … Continue reading Bustling Through Belgium

Officially in La Ville Rose Toulouse has welcomed me with open arms! The hospitality I have received since my arrival has been exceptional. I have often heard that the French are rude (although many cultures tend to believe the same about Americans). However, I have experienced has been the complete opposite. Everyone I have met thus far has been … Continue reading Officially in La Ville Rose