April showers bring…more May showers

I am starting to believe that Lyon can't make a clear decision in regards to the weather. Sunny and high-sixties, or rainy and mid-forties. So instead of making said decision, Lyon just deems it okay to have both one day after the other, or lately, both types of weather patterns on the same day. Now … Continue reading April showers bring…more May showers


That whole thing about time flying…

To state the obvious, today is May 1st. But apparently it's not obvious in my mind as I sit here having recently finished a final project, stretching out the last drops of spring break, and regarding my calendar in shock. May 1st. My word. People back home are graduating, summer jobs are starting, and I'm … Continue reading That whole thing about time flying…


It's officially been a day since I arrived in Lyon! And per usual, so much has already happened. So lets begin: First-off, yesterday concluded the marathon equivalency of travel days. (*Yes, let's take a moment to discuss that 8 hour layover in Chicago). With the long layovers and triple plane exchange all included, the total … Continue reading D’accord