First Steps

I have to admit, I had high expectations for France based on my experiences in England. I really didn’t even know what the south of France would be like besides everyone saying “Nice is so nice,” (no pun intended” or “You’re going to have so much fun there!” So when I finally arrived in France … Continue reading First Steps


The adventure Begins!

The day finally came for me to embark on my long awaited journey abroad. There was a million different feelings running through my mind between being excited and overjoyed to being super nervous and unsure of what will happen (Mom and Dad if you’re reading this, disregard that last statement). Either way, saying goodbye to … Continue reading The adventure Begins!


The word Genesis is said to have origins in many languages such as Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. No matter what language you see the word, they all seem to agree on one thing; it's meaning. Genesis means "In the Beginning", or "the formation of something." Well, Congratulations. You've found your way to the place where … Continue reading Genesis