10 Things to Do After Coming Home

Concoct the perfect “I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this experience was" face for when people ask you how studying abroad was. Contact every single person you know and let them know that you are emotionally not okay and probably will not be for a while. Cry. Refuse to unpack clothes and continue … Continue reading 10 Things to Do After Coming Home


Paris Fashion, Val Delgadillo

Paris unarguably reigns as the most renowned, timeless fashion capital of the world.  It is names like Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton that have molded Paris into the absolute embodiment of chic culture and a dynasty in the fashion industry.  This appetite for the lavish has been rooted in Parisian … Continue reading Paris Fashion, Val Delgadillo

Views from Paris (Mètro, Line One)

Metropolitan sign in view.  Footsteps going down stairs.  Shoulders bumped.  Ticket stamped.  Rustling. Corridor walked.  Live instrumental music.  Footsteps going down stairs.  Chair sat in. Waiting. Mètro Arrives.  Doors open.  People off. Talking. People on.  Chair sat in.  Doors close.  Silence.   My left Small French boy and his mother. French boy:  silent, Adidas sneakers, … Continue reading Views from Paris (Mètro, Line One)