It’s just see you later

My last week in England was a pretty incredible one, if I do say so myself. Monday, Thea and I decided to head into Reading to do some last minute Christmas shopping, and to just get out of the house for a bit.  We grabbed lunch at Marks & Spencer's, and had a great time … Continue reading It’s just see you later


See ya, RoHo!

This past week was my last week at Royal Holloway, so it was quite difficult, but also so lovely.  It started off with me spending Monday in the library, as I had a few papers to finish up writing yet.  I had a break getting lunch with Thea in the afternoon, before going back into … Continue reading See ya, RoHo!

Reality Hits

This week, the rose colored glasses came off.  Don't misunderstand- I still love it here more than I can put into words, and I would not change coming here for anything, but I had a bit harder of a week this week. Tuesday was a particularly challenging day for me, largely because it was the … Continue reading Reality Hits