Oh what a life…

Reading week has come along so quickly. This means we are half way through the term over here in a England and I feel my heart slowly filling with sadness. I can't imagine leaving all my friends here and this beautiful university. Although, a small part of me is excited to be home in time … Continue reading Oh what a life…


Plug Adapters and The Age of Revolution

Hey readers.  I am now writing from humid Cocoa Beach instead of rainy Cambridge.  My last week in England was an absolute blur between my final presentation and my final paper, and I am very proud to say that I successfully completed the UF in Cambridge program (evidenced by my new embroidered St. Edmund's jumper … Continue reading Plug Adapters and The Age of Revolution

Periodicals and High Tea

Hello readers!  We are back in the library again, writing now after meeting with Dr. Kroen and Daniel and discussing our progress.  Research can be rewarding, but it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for me so far… Anyways, here is another entry, about, among other things: A Traveler’s Cap Football Periodicals Rain High Tea https://www.flickr.com/photos/152389205@N06/35902436614/in/dateposted-public/Continue reading Periodicals and High Tea