Woah, we’re halfway there?

Last semester, I thought 4 months sounded like a long time. What a joke! My program is already halfway gone, and I can't believe that I'm leaving this beautiful country in just 2 months. Even worse- I only have 3 weekends left in Copenhagen itself. It's hard to comprehend, and I don't know where the … Continue reading Woah, we’re halfway there?



Copenhagen is nearly pristine, I'd say. It's orderly and clean (save for the cigarette butts, of course), the people are dressed impeccably everywhere you look, and the city just makes sense. Bucharest is like Copenhagen, except completely different in every way. They're both cities. In Europe. That's about where the similarities end! Bucharest, the capital … Continue reading Romaniadventures

Marla: Spring in Copenhagen

Marla Manes is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Spring 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  To learn more about Marla's program, click here: DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia - Denmark. What is your year and academic concentration? I'm a 3rd year student majoring in Sustainability Studies also pursuing a minor in Sustainability in the Built Environment … Continue reading Marla: Spring in Copenhagen