Stateside Concerns

My mom insists that the water in the fridge is the same water I grew up drinking. The same water that I've been drinking for 21 years. But it tastes different. It tastes like chemicals and it's too cold, but it's free so I shouldn't be complaining, I guess. But that's not the only thing: … Continue reading Stateside Concerns



In 48 hours, I'll be on an airplane. So I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm living as if I'll never leave. In a fit of denial, I've refused to begin packing (something I know I'll deeply regret tomorrow) and instead have chosen to ignore the fact that I won't be in Brussels this weekend. … Continue reading Farewell


In Gainesville, I take Saturdays off. Saturday is my day to sleep in/do chores/catch up with friends at the adorable coffee shop across the street from the library. Of course, living in Brussels has made it difficult for me to have days off. I'm generally sleep deprived, lacking in groceries, and constantly trying to balance … Continue reading Routine


Every city I go to makes me want to move there forever. Amsterdam was no exception. What it lacked in warm weather it made up for in warm people (and delicious hot chocolate). I could go on and on about the adorable bridges and the beautiful flowers and the enchanting canals, but those are all … Continue reading Wanderlust


My mission is complete. I found a beer that I like! It’s called Maes Radler. As someone who has hated every beer I’ve ever tried, I’m pretty excited about this. For all you Americans, it’s basically a shandy (beer mixed with lemon soda). It’s a girly, sweet, fizzy beer. And I’m not ashamed. Not even … Continue reading Accomplishments