I thought Spring had Sprung??

https://www.flickr.com/photos/139516717@N04/39859566315/in/dateposted-public/ The past two weeks we have had some wild weather here in Copenhagen. I had the impression that spring was coming, when in fact it has been quite the opposite. There has been the most snow in the past week and half that there has been since I came to Copenhagen! There was ice … Continue reading I thought Spring had Sprung??


How many miles to Budapest?

Yes, the song by George Ezra was stuck in my head for the entire trip, yes, my friend and I walked around the city humming it constantly, and yes, our third friend wanted to kill us. All musical differences aside, we were in Budapest! The city made up of Buda, Pest, a strangely-located ferris wheel, … Continue reading How many miles to Budapest?

Roxanne: Spring Break in Paris

Roxanne Saunders is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Spring Break 2018 in Paris, France.  To learn more about Roxanne's program, click here: UF in Paris - African Americans in Paris. What is your year and academic concentration?  I am a sophomore at the University of Florida. I am currently majoring in Health education and Behavior with … Continue reading Roxanne: Spring Break in Paris

Family Abroad

Grandmothers are often the unexplainable force that brings families together, the glue that keeps them united. This is definitely the case in my family. My grandmother hasn't left Colombia in years, weighed down by grief over her late husband. Recently she decided she was ready to leave and wanted to visit her grandchildren studying in … Continue reading Family Abroad