Where Dreams Come True

Hearing the phrase “the most magical place on earth” as a native Floridian, I instinctually jump back to years of Disney fast passes and Mickey Mouse ears. This week, I learned that Disney has some major competition – and it’s name is Lake Bracciano. After getting into the swing of classes, I jumped at the opportunity to take a mini day trip to one of … Continue reading Where Dreams Come True

A Saintlike Experience

If there is anything that I have learned while growing up in the United States, it is that any chance Americans have to celebrate, we take it – literally, what’s up with the National Hot Dog Eating Competition? This week, however, I may have encountered an event that topped any American-style experience I have ever had. Viterbo, Italy is associated with many traditions and has … Continue reading A Saintlike Experience

A Floridian Farewell

After hours of Google searching every Study Abroad Packing List on the internet, I concluded my preparations for the upcoming semester with only two questions; firstly, is it physically possible to pack every outfit in my closet and still meet a 50 pound baggage limit? Secondly, is it socially acceptable to bring Kraft macaroni and cheese to Italy? Following the next few days, I will … Continue reading A Floridian Farewell


Shelby Cotta – Viterbo, Italy

Shelby Cotta (Blogger) Year in school: Junior Major: Advertising, Visual Art Studies Minor: N/A Program: USAC -Viterbo Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? After graduating high school, I took a two week tour of Europe. I visited many popular areas, including London, Paris, Nice, Monaco, Florence, and Rome — but my favorite abroad experiences were in the small towns such as … Continue reading Shelby Cotta – Viterbo, Italy