Week 1: More Sun than Expected

What uni should be: green grass big trees 15th century buildings. I think I belong here, with the old folks, who stop and stare, at flowers. Edinburgh (pronounced Edinbra–emphasis on the E, easy on the a) was beautiful and breezy. I refuse to acknowledge cold as a feeling, for now it’s just refreshing. An unexpected reminder of home, in the form of a gravestone. In … Continue reading Week 1: More Sun than Expected

A Fond Farewell to Florida, Getting ready to go to Glasgow

A fond farewell to the Florida sand and sunshine. Ready to embrace the cool, cloudy days coming my way. Bid a proper farewell to Floridan culture with a trip to the Everglades Alligator Farm. Went on my first airboat ride. You know it’s hot when even the gators are trying to hide! A fond farewell to my besties and our wonderfully weird bathroom selfies. A … Continue reading A Fond Farewell to Florida, Getting ready to go to Glasgow


Jamie Ang – Glasgow, Scotland

Jamie Ang (Photoblogger) Year in school: Junior Major: English Minor: N/A Program: University of Glasgow (Liberal Arts & Sciences exchange) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? Yes, my family is from the Philippines so I’ve been there many times. From there, I’ve traveled to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. I spent a day in London and a night in Singapore. Also, … Continue reading Jamie Ang – Glasgow, Scotland