My New Home, Seville

I have finally arrived to my new home for the next three months, Seville. It is everything I expected and more: the city is filled with a unique culture seen in the people, food, and historic sites that I have encountered in the past week. My program has continued to amaze me, as they set up several things for us to do in order to … Continue reading My New Home, Seville

A (Not So) Pre-Arrival Post: My English Pitstop

Afternoon Tea in Kensington Gardens Before arriving to my home in Seville for study abroad, I took my chance to visit London for a week and delve into British culture in all its galore and decadence. With this, of course, I had to try the age old tradition of an afternoon tea, and did so right outside of Kensington Palace- home of Prince William and … Continue reading A (Not So) Pre-Arrival Post: My English Pitstop

Arrival to Spain: Roadtrip!

I would’ve never thought that in one week I would somehow manage to see four major Spanish cities… NOT including my new home city, Seville. Yep, my study abroad program did just that and it was absolutely amazing. Of course, as anyone else would be, I was apprehensive about spending a week on a road trip through Spain with a group of strangers. However, API … Continue reading Arrival to Spain: Roadtrip!

Celeste Hall – Seville, Spain

Celeste Hall (Photoblogger) Year in school: Sophomore Major: Anthropology Minor: Spanish, Health Disparities in Society Program: API – Seville (Spanish Language and Humanities Program) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? I stayed in Colombia for a month over one summer in order to be with family and see my grandparent’s native country. I’ve also been to Hawaii as a family vacation. … Continue reading Celeste Hall – Seville, Spain