A (Not So) Pre-Arrival Post: My English Pitstop

Afternoon Tea in Kensington Gardens Before arriving to my home in Seville for study abroad, I took my chance to visit London for a week and delve into British culture in all its galore and decadence. With this, of course, I had to try the age old tradition of an afternoon tea, and did so right outside of Kensington Palace- home of Prince William and … Continue reading A (Not So) Pre-Arrival Post: My English Pitstop


Celeste Hall – Seville, Spain

Celeste Hall (Photoblogger) Year in school: Sophomore Major: Anthropology Minor: Spanish, Health Disparities in Society Program: API – Seville (Spanish Language and Humanities Program) Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? I stayed in Colombia for a month over one summer in order to be with family and see my grandparent’s native country. I’ve also been to Hawaii as a family vacation. … Continue reading Celeste Hall – Seville, Spain