Final Thoughts

My experience abroad was not one that I was expecting, in spite of visiting twice before my time abroad. I was able to live in both the city and small villages and there were many distinct differences. For one, Ho Chi Minh City was shockingly liberal. Many individuals were open about their sexuality, even more so in the United States. … Continue reading Final Thoughts


Health System

One thing that I found quite shocking were the hospitals in Vietnam. While foreign hospitals and clinics in the wealthier districts (districts 1,2, and 7) had what I would consider similar to the healthcare practices we find at home, one person per room and doctors spending at least ten minutes diagnosing and treating you, that was not … Continue reading Health System

12 Interesting Facts about Vietnam

 If someone from Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnam were put in the same room, they would not understand one another. Vietnamese is a tonal based language (words are based off of high, low, or short pitches). Each region stresses each word differently, thus changing the meaning of the word or making it extremely difficult for someone of another region … Continue reading 12 Interesting Facts about Vietnam

Walking Blind Sighted A young, paralyzed man who lives in the countryside, on the outskirts of Hue, paralyzed from a birth defect created by Agent Orange. In spite of the Vietnam War ending nearly 40 years ago, it is disheartening for me to say that there are many individuals still suffering from repercussions of the war. During … Continue reading Walking Blind Sighted